Total Business Makeover Package

taught by Jasmine "Razor Chic" Collins

Course description

Are you serious about your career and  advancing your business to the next level?

Do you want an all encompassing business strategy build with advice that is proven to be successful?

Are you ready to achieve longevity in the high paced hair industry?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Total Business Makeover Suite is just for you! You’ve seen Jasmine “Razor Chic” Collins transform hair but now it’s time for you to sit down with her so that she can transform your career. With more than 25 years of experiences in the hair industry, Jasmine is a viral social media sensation, master stylist who is changing crowns, lives, and careers across the nation. For those who are serious about advancing their career with advice that comes directly from a seasoned industry pro, the Total Business Makeover Package is just for you! It include the following four classes:

  • July 16th: How to Build Trust and Get Paid Your Worth -

  • Aug 20th: The Lowdown on Social Media to Become a Viral Sensation 

  • Sept 17th: Booth Rental vs Commission-Based Salons-- The Good, Bad & Ugly

  • Oct 15th: Live Brain Picking Q&A Season

Razor Chic “Total Business Makeover Suite”

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Jasmine "Razor Chic" Collins

By simply reviewing her extensive portfolio, one can tell award-winning master stylist, Jasmine “Razor Chic of Atlanta” Collins, is a woman on a mission and truly a master of disguise. An advocate for “real hair,” Jasmine inspires women to ditch their dependency on weaves, wigs, and braids for a healthy mane of their own. Locally recognized as a miracle worker of scalp and hair, her popularity boomed after releasing a video in which she seamlessly veils the thinning hair of a young client with weave-related traction alopecia, using only the client’s natural hair. The viral video has turned Jasmine into an international sensation, recognized as the cure for distressed scalps and hope for admirers around the world.

Course Curriculum

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