Course Description

Get the best of all 3
-worlds by acquiring Razor Chic of Atlanta’s Ultimate Bundle Package, teaching you her top cutting and styling techniques that will turn you into a high-demand stylist in your area! This is the triple threat bundle providing you with styling options and the best cutting techniques for the edge or thinning challenged client.

+ BONUS VIDEO: Master the Razor Chic Wave Technique

Get up close and personal as Razor Chic shows you her killer Wave Technique step by step over this hour long tutorial. You’ll learn how to give your clients soft and beautiful waves while covering areas of thinning or baldness. This styling technique is GUARANTEED to be a top-seller among your salon styling services!

+ BONUS VIDEO: Master the Razor Chic Relaxer Technique

Throw your old relaxer technique out the window and discover the Razor Chic way of laying a smooth relaxer, perfect for short cuts! This hour-long video tutorial will give you the step-by-step approach to achieve the perfect foundation for a silky, smooth end result to your Razor Chic cut. Your clients will blown away and fall in love with their smooth and chic manes! Plus, you’ll discover how this relaxer technique aids in the effort to conceal areas of thinning or baldness. After watching this video, you’ll never relax a short cut the way you used to again!



Licensed Hairstylists
● Salon Owners
● Licensed Booth Renters
● Licensed Freelance Hair Stylists
● Cosmetology Educators
● Licensed Salon Product Educators

RCOA Certified Edge-U-Cation + Relaxer Technique Course is the Licensed Hair Artist’s blueprint for success! The courses are segmented to allow the hair artist the necessary time to master the following learning objectives--

● Strengthen hair styling foundational skills
● Enhance technical skills
● Gain business strategies to increase their income

It is the ultimate course package designed to relight your passion for hair and the business of beauty.

This is a 8-part video tutorial series with 2-bonus videos that you can access online, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Unlike a 1-day, live Look & Learn Class, you'll get access to the entire course upon registration to go through it at your own pace for a period of 30-days. NOTE: No refunds will be provided upon purchase.


Jasmine "Razor Chic" Collins

By simply reviewing her extensive portfolio, one can tell award-winning master stylist, Jasmine “Razor Chic of Atlanta” Collins, is a woman on a mission and truly a master of disguise. An advocate for “real hair,” Jasmine inspires women to ditch their dependency on weaves, wigs, and braids for a healthy mane of their own. Locally recognized as a miracle worker of scalp and hair, her popularity boomed after releasing a video in which she seamlessly veils the thinning hair of a young client with weave-related traction alopecia, using only the client’s natural hair. The viral video has turned Jasmine into an international sensation, recognized as the cure for distressed scalps and hope for admirers around the world.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Video #1: Intro to Edge-U-Cation 101

    • Intro to Edge-U-Cation 101

  • 2

    Video #2: Master the Edge-U-Cation Client Consultation

    • Master the Edge-U-Cation Client Consultation

  • 3

    Video #3: Overview on Recommended Edge-U-Cation Tools

    • Overview on Recommended Edge-U-Cation Tools

  • 4

    Video #4: Introducing the Edge-U-Cation Prep & Cutting Technique

    • Overview on Recommended Edge-U-Cation Tools

  • 5

    Video #5: The Edge-U-Cation Setting Technique

    • The Edge-U-Cation Setting Technique

  • 6

    Video #6: Edge-U-Cation Curling & Styling Methods

    • Edge-U-Cation Curling & Styling Methods

  • 7

    Video #7: Edge-U-Cation Client BIG Reveal

    • Edge-U-Cation Client BIG Reveal

  • 8

    Video #8: Edge-U-Cation Wrap-Up

    • Edge-U-Cation Wrap-Up

  • 9

    BONUS VIDEO #1: Master the Razor Chic Wave Technique

    • Master the Razor Chic Wave Technique

  • 10

    BONUS VIDEO #2: Master the Razor Chic Relaxer Technique

    • Master the Razor Chic Relaxer Technique