By simply reviewing her extensive portfolio, one can tell award-
winning master stylist, Jasmine “Razor Chic” Collins, is a woman on a mission and truly a master of disguise. An advocate for “real hair,” Jasmine inspires women to ditch their dependency on weaves, wigs, and braids for a healthy mane of their own. Locally recognized as a miracle worker of scalp and hair, her popularity boomed after releasing a video in which she seamlessly veils the thinning hair of a young client with weave-related traction alopecia, using only the client’s natural hair. The viral video has turned Jasmine into an international sensation, recognized as the cure for distressed scalps and hope for admirers around the world. 

With more than 25 years of hair styling knowledge, Jasmine is not only the owner of the stunning Razor Chic but she’s also the recipient of numerous awards from competitions, including Bronner Brothers’ Hair Battle Competition. Her artistry has adorned the pages of magazines including Unique Style, Sophisticates Black Hairstyles, Hype Hair and Hotlanta to name a few. Furthermore, her work has been displayed on multiple celebrities including reality-TV star NeNe Leakes, rapper Trina, comedians Monique and Sommore, celebrity choreographer Lorie Ann Gibson, and actress Terri J. Vaughn to name a few. 

Jasmine is also a fashion expert and has provided clients with support for music videos, wardrobe styling, and other activities allowing her to extend her talent. Such opportunities include BRAVO’s “Housewives of Atlanta,” Monique Show, “The Soul Train Music Awards,” and Laurie Gibson’s “Born to Dance.”

With nearly 800k fans between Facebook and Instagram, Jasmine is a social media superstar with a cult-like online following that’s captivated by her miraculous client makeovers and eager to participate in her touring Look & Learns and Hands-On classes.


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