Course Description

Do you consider yourself ILL-PREPARED and UNKNOWLEDGEABLE on how to provide your clients with STUNNING real hair makeovers?

Is your client retention low, or are you experience a 
SIGNIFICANT DROUGHT in your salon due to the high-demand for weave installations and other "protective styles"?

Do you feel the need for a 
COMPLETE RETRAINING on hairstyling and want to get BACK TO THE BASICS of real hair with the help of an AWARD-WINNING CELEBRITY STYLIST that gets VIRAL RESULTS?

ABOUT This Replay Bundle! 

This bundle gives you access to THREE dramatic Total Makeover transformations taught by Razor Chic. Jasmine (aka Razor Chic) will be teaching her exclusive approaches to achieve the Perfect Total Makeover. These makeovers are not just for those clients suffering from detrimental hair conditions – like Traction Alopecia. This Total Makeover course bundle is primarily for the hairstylist who wants to amp up their careers and seek exponential advancement in their success by educating themselves in the business of "real hair". In this course, not only will you learn techniques on how to give your client a transformation that will totally renew their look and allow them to feel comfortable wearing their own hair, this ADVANCED and IN-DEPTH online course will teach you what it takes for your work to go VIRAL. Additionally, you'll learn how to earn a consistent, residual income when you swap out weaves and wigs for real hair, resulting in more dollars in the bank! 

Razor Chic’s Total Makeover Replay Bundle Includes 3 Separate Makeovers Offering:

  • Hair Analysis & Consultation

  • Chemical Prep & Application (includes Relaxer, Color, etc.)

  • Special Hair Treatment Prep & Application

  • Customized Cutting Techniques 

  • Foundation & Molding Technique

  • Finished Styling Recommendations

  • Product Recommendations

  • Retail Consultation

  • Razor Chic’s Money-making Business Tips 

  • Live Q&A 

  • 60-Day Replay Access

  • Up to 5 Hour Look & Learn Experience per makeover



$299 Online


  • Licensed & Unlicensed Hairstylists 
  • Salon Owners 
  • Licensed Booth Renters 
  • Licensed Freelance Hair Stylists 
  • Cosmetology Educators 
  • Licensed Salon Product Educator

This is a replay bundle of three TOTAL MAKEOVER courses, available  24/7 from anywhere in the world for up to 60-days.  

NOTE: No refunds will be provided upon purchase.




Jasmine "Razor Chic" Collins

By simply reviewing her extensive portfolio, one can tell award-winning master stylist, Jasmine “Razor Chic of Atlanta” Collins, is a woman on a mission and truly a master of disguise. An advocate for “real hair,” Jasmine inspires women to ditch their dependency on weaves, wigs, and braids for a healthy mane of their own. Locally recognized as a miracle worker of scalp and hair, her popularity boomed after releasing a video in which she seamlessly veils the thinning hair of a young client with weave-related traction alopecia, using only the client’s natural hair. The viral video has turned Jasmine into an international sensation, recognized as the cure for distressed scalps and hope for admirers around the world.

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome

    • Welcome

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    Total Makeover

    • Total Make Over Course Replay

    • June 11th Total Makeover PT1

    • June 11th Total Makeover pt 2

    • Total Makeover April 30th pt1

    • Total Makeover April 30th pt2